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Mutual funds

Imagine that you want to invest in the stock market. But you are unsure which company or sector is performing well and how much you should invest.

What if a professional who does it day and night does it for you? It would be great, right? Mutual funds do the same. These pooled funds invest the money of investors like you in various securities like stocks, bonds, etc And you get the returns of their performance.

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SIP services

SIP, or systematic investment plan, is one way to invest in mutual funds. Understand it this way: you are saving a fixed amount of money every month and investing in different types of funds.

Just like building a dream Home brick by brick. You can invest in SIP to achieve your goals. With SIP, you can grow your money through compounding, i.e., earning interest on interest.

Let's help you find the top mutual funds for SIP.

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Peer to peer lending

Do you remember the concept of traditional Money Lending?

You go to a money lender and borrow money for a term and pay interest on the sum.This lending concept is now digitized with P2P lending. You can lend money to people in need and earn good returns through NBFCs without involving banks.

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EQ all-rounder

Are you fed up with meager returns on your portfolio from traditional investments in stocks? Want a tailor-made investment portfolio that fulfills your needs and goals?

Presenting EQ all-rounder, an AI-powered equity investment services platform. It eliminates human bias and helps you get better returns on your portfolio. It's just like your own financial wealth planner with AI. Experience the future of wealth management services with us.

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Loans Against Mutual Funds

As life goes on, various needs arise, like funds for a new business or owning a car.or a bike. To fulfill these needs, you need funds

For this, you would not want to withdraw your existing investment, as it may hamper your wealth-building journey. Here comes a Loan Against Mutual Funds, which provides credit against your mutual fund portfolio. You can avail of loans with a low interest rate and a flexible overdraft facility.

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Financial tools

Whether you want to research the best mutual fund for an SIP or calculate your investment value, we have got you covered.

We provide tools, ranging from crorepati calculators to top-performing funds. Furthermore, you also get the goal tracker to check your progress towards your goal. With us, you get a holistic wealth planning solution.

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